"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work."

Peter Drucker


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BPM standardizes and streamlines the time spent gathering and consolidating planning, budgeting, forecast, and actual data by seamlessly integrating the information and activities of financial processes. BPM eliminates low value compilation and reconciliation activities of financial processes. Management spends more time focused on business analysis and improving business performance throughout the organization. Financial techniques drive business understanding, knowledge, and action. Further, On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP), Executive Information Systems (EIS), and Decision Support Systems (DSS) tools further facilitate and support the information and business decision making needs of Senior Management.

What are the benefits of Business Performance Management?

There are numerous benefits that can be realized by enhancing BPM. These include:

Financial Strategic Alignment - Sound, realistic business strategies are created - and communicated throughout the organization, resulting in improved employee morale, commitment and achievement of goals.

Long-Range Planning and Budgeting, Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting
A fully integrated process will streamline and enhance financial reporting.

Best Practice Techniques - Tracking, monitoring, and performance reporting of key indicators improves understanding and performance, enabling achievement of business goals and objectives.

Financial Diagnostic - As part of the benchmarking diagnostic, management will be able to develop a plan to improve areas of recommended improvement.

Business Modeling - An in-depth review of existing processes, practices, and financial systems for current and new acquisitions enables changes favorably impacting revenue, expenditures, personnel, success!

How Exceder Group Can Help Your Organization

Exceder Group can help organizations develop and optimize Business Performance Management. Our risk-based approach is designed to assist organizations through difficult decisions. We can help our clients navigate the tasks that are required to successfully implement BPM techniques. The final phases of our BPM process are designed to help initiate the migration to the new environment, resulting in a smooth transition from today’s practices to tomorrow’s best practices – today!