"The Exceder Group guided us as we quickly developed processes, procedures and a control structure for our engineering and manufacturing division during a period of significant business transition and growth.”


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An Internal Control Structure (ICS) is comprised of people, processes, controls and technology enabling the company to effectively address risks and achieve its business goals. It ranges from Corporate Governance to simple policies and procedures to properly execute business transactions. An ICS includes setting the tone at the top, the assessment of risks, creating business strategies, implementing policies and procedures, developing effective management reporting, and utilizing an Internal Audit function that monitors the effectiveness of the structure in achieving its purpose.

What are the Benefits of a Sound Internal Control Structure?

Numerous benefits can be realized by implementing a sound internal control structure. These benefits are achieved as excellence is pursued in the following areas:

Corporate Governance -there is a direct relationship between the quality of a company’s corporate governance and the tone at the top and its ability to successfully achieve its business goals.

Enterprise Risk Management – by understanding significant risks, the company can put control activities in place that will enable it to be successful.

Business Strategy  - the ability of a company to assess risks, establish goals, measure its success against plan, and to recalibrate its direction and goals appropriately, will enable it to outperform the expectations of the stakeholders.

Control Activities - Control activities, such as policies, procedures and controls, enable a company to be in control. These activities should be put into place based upon risk and cost-benefit.

Information and Communication –the effective use of technology provides management and stakeholders with the information needed to react to business changes and stay on course to achieve both short term and long term goals.

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance - this is a specialized area of expertise of the Exceder Group and covered in more detail in the Sarbanes-Oxley product offering.

Internal Audit - A sound Internal Audit function enables company management to get an objective, balanced view of risks, controls and the effectiveness of the internal control structure in enabling the company to achieve its goals. A best practice Internal Audit function will pay for itself in multiples by producing value-added recommendations for the business.

How Exceder Group Can Help Your Organization.

Exceder Group has broad experience assisting organizations with implementation of a sound internal control structure. Because of Exceder Group’s ability to guide the development of a corporate governance capability, help set the tone at the top, identify significant business risks external and internal to the business, help set strategies, put control processes in place, design management information systems that support the business strategy, and to start up or improve the Internal Audit function for effective monitoring of the business, it measurably increases a company’s ability to achieve its goals.