"The Exceder Group led the way in the integration of a major acquisition. A sound knowledge of M&A processes and the ability to pull together and manage a qualified integration team, produced integration results that exceeded goals."

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A Mergers and Acquisitions Process provides a framework for performing acquisitions. It defines roles and responsibilities for those involved. It details the decision process and deliverables. It outlines general steps and the sequence of events to initiate the acquisition, analyze it for practicality and valuation, execute the acquisition and integrate it into the parent company. A sound mergers and acquisitions process serves as a guide that can be modified according to situations, and reduces the bureaucracy that can create inefficiency - thereby optimizing the success of the acquisition.

Benefits of a Sound Mergers and Acquisitions Process

Numerous benefits are realized by implementing a sound mergers and acquisitions process. These benefits are achieved as excellence is pursued in the following areas:

Acquisition Initiation - this phase includes Strategy Development; Identification of the targeted company; Approach to contact the targeted company; Initial Business Case; Initial Valuation; Preliminary Authorization

Acquisition Analysis - this phase includes Due Diligence Planning; Due Diligence Process; Detailed Business Case; Integration Plan Framework; Final Valuation; Final Authorization

Acquisition Execution - this phase includes Negotiations; Final Integration Plan; Close; Post Mortem

Integration Execution - this phase is the Integration Plan Execution - implementation of the Final Integration Plan. Executed properly, this will justify all of the effort that went into the earlier phases and enable the company to achieve its M&A optimally, as planned.

How Exceder Group Can Help Your Organization

Exceder Group has broad experience assisting companies with development of a sound process to execute the mergers and acquisitions process, as well as managing the process to pursue an M&A activity. By optimizing in the four phases that are within the Mergers and acquisition process, a company can be extraordinarily efficient and cost effective as it pursues its M&A strategy. Exceder Group can provide the quality service to make that happen, including M&A policy development, training and project management.