“Our firm chose to partner with the Exceder Group because of its deep, practical project management experience and keen ability to handle the interpersonal challenges we often face. Its program and project level oversight drove great success on a high-profile initiative for one of our premier clients.”

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Program Management and
Program Management Office
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Program Management is the practice of coordinating, aligning and overseeing multiple ongoing projects. These activities are often completed within a Program Management Office (PMO), a group responsible for coordination of inter-dependent project work across an organization. The PMO provides the infrastructure, oversight, standards and project management competency necessary to maximize the benefits from the portfolio of projects.

Benefits of Program Management and PMO

Numerous benefits that are realized by effectively using Program Management/PMO, including:

Improved Project Success Rates - Program Management improves the timeliness, cost and quality across the project portfolio

Improved Project Alignment and Prioritization - the PMO facilitates resource allocation decisions across the project portfolio, identifies and resolves potential cross-projects issues, and provides executive management with information to monitor and adjust the portfolio

Improved Standardization across Projects - The PMO implements standard project management processes, governance structures and methodologies to ensure consistency across the project portfolio

Project Management Best Practices Repository - The PMO provides an excellent repository of project management best practices, tools and methodologies, available for use by other client needs

How Exceder Group Can Help Your Organization.

Exceder Group can help organizations get more out of its projects by serving as a Program Manager or by helping organizations implement or improve a PMO. Exceder Group is uniquely qualified to support Program Management needs.