"The methodology, proven toolset and deep experience brought forth by the Exceder Group team provided the right framework for our initiative and enabled our success."

- SVP, Financial Services Industry


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Shared Services standardizes and streamlines delivery of common transactional processes at one or more physical locations. It enables business units to concentrate on their core objectives while creating skill pools for internal staff and support functions. This segregation of similar skill sets helps an organization focus better on delivering services with a common vision, goal, and culture that effectively manages, motivates, and leverages its resources.

What are the Benefits of Shared Services?

There are numerous benefits that can be realized by transitioning to Shared Service. These can include:

Cost Reduction - economies of scale achieved through effectively leveraging common skills and resources provides an organization with significant operational cost reductions

Improved Service Levels - deploying advanced customer service techniques and applying specialization provides an organization with dramatic increases in service levels

Organizational Flexibility - detaching non-customer-specific administrative processing from operations enables an organization to be more responsive to customer requirements

Continuous Improvement Acceleration - consolidating operations with a focus on service enables organizations to expedite future cost-saving initiatives.

Leveraging Best Practices - existing best practices can be identified and replicated enterprise-wide

Maximizing Technology in a Global Environment - incorporating new technology will enable Shared Services to better meet the needs of both domestic and international users

How Exceder Group Can Help Your Organization

Exceder Group can help organizations develop and optimize Shared Services. Our risk-based-based approach is designed to assist organizations through the difficult decisions they need to make, and we can help them navigate the tasks that are required to successfully complete a shared service initiative. We use a phased approach; the final phases are designed to help initiate the migration to shared services in a pilot environment, which can facilitate the migration to, and ongoing management of, the new shared service environment.